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  • Choosing and designing examination

    Examination is a central part of a course and is one of the factors that most strongly affects how the students approach the learning in the course. The examination can, correctly designed, affect both what and how the students learn. The following advice, reflection questions and recommendations are developed to support you as an examiner in the process of thinking about examinations.

  • Recordings from webinars about examination

    On this page you will find recordings from previous Lunch 'n' Learn webinars relevant for examination. The webinars are mainly from 2020 and 2021.

  • Forms of examination and designs of examination

    Frequently asked questions and answers for you as a teacher/examiner who want to design an examination with digital elements.

  • Technical difficulties with digital examinations

    Frequently asked questions about what to do if there are technical difficulties during exams.

  • FAQ for examination

    Here you will find frequently asked questions and answers about examinations. The questions concern, among other things, different forms of examination and tools for digital examination.

  • Other questions

    Frequently asked questions about things for you who design digital examinations. Questions regarding, among other things, storage space in Canvas and re-examinations.

  • Information to communicate to students

    As an examiner, you are responsible for ensuring that students receive information about the examination form and how the examination will be conducted well before the exam. Below you will find information about what to inform about before an examination.

  • Examination room in Canvas

    All types of activity sessions in Ladok generate examination rooms in Canvas where the examination can be prepared according to the examiner's wishes. The examination rooms are created with a common template, and for easier handling of for example extended writing time, each examination room is created with a special section for students with compensatory support.

  • Funka's recommendations regarding support during examination

    Below you will find links to Funka's information pages as well as supplementary information on the practical application of the support. This page provides a quick overview for handling support, especially in digital examinations, and was developed during the pandemic.

  • Partial exams (KS)

    Partial exams are a form of mini exams that are often called KS (kontrollskrivning in Swedish). Partial exams can be conducted on campus as written exams or in computer rooms for those who want to use automatically assessed quizzes. It is also possible to conduct partial exams through Canvas examination rooms or in the Canvas room of the course.

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