Report of disciplinary offence

Here you will find the form that is to be used when reporting a suspicion of a disciplinary offense and information about the contact person at your school. A report of a suspicion of a disciplinary offence is usually sent by e-mail. An exception from previous stated is offence regarding harassment or sexual harassment reffered to in Chapter 1. Section 4 of the Discrimination Act (2008:567) or if the report contains other sensitive information.

Report form

If you intend to file a report, use one of the following forms. A report for each student must be filed. The report should be filed by the examinator.

1. Report of disciplinary offence - swedish version (pdf 430 kB)   if the student speaks swedish, and

2. Report of disciplinary offence - english version (pdf 409 kB)  if the student does not speak swedish.

Follow the instructions given in the form and be sure to attach all of the documents requested.

Contact person for student disciplinary matters at each school

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