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Teacher stories: "Experiences about oral examination"

Documentation from Lunch 'n' Learn 7 October 2020

Published Oct 07, 2020

What it is like to hold the examination digitally, and what do the students think? Göran Manneberg talks from his many years of experiences regarding oral examination. Here you find the documentation (film and link to presentation, in Swedish) from the webinar.

[The video initially only has machine-generated captions but these will be updated with manual editing of captions that better matches the content.]

About the webinar

Göran Manneberg will also make an attempt to compare exactly what abilities and intended learning outcomes he examined in an assignment and oral exam compared to what is examined in a traditional exam.

- I started doing oral exams for higher grades for several programs in the early 2000s. The courses that were first relevant were Physics of Visual Impressions for CDEPR and Optics Higher Course for CMETE's then with specialisation on video and image. Semi-individual assignments could give the lowest approved grade and then the students could choose time for a 20 minute optional oral exam. The oral exam had a box with optical objects (camera lens, binoculars, projector lighting system, etc.) as a starting point.

- In the spring of 2020, I conducted oral exams for "everyone" and I will tell you about the preparations made by me and the technologists; How it worked from my point of view, and how it was evaluated by the students. 

Presenter:  Göran Manneberg (SCI, KTH).

Presentation material

The presentation material will soon be available in the tab "Attachments" when you are logged in to KTH Play (log in at the top right of KTH Play) .

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