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Teacher stories: "Oral examination from different points of view" (SWE)

Documentation from Lunch 'n' Learn 25 November 2020

Published Nov 25, 2020

In this Lunch 'n' Learn webinar, Gunnar Tibert (SCI) talks about his experiences of oral examination in several different courses. What is it like to have an oral examination on site or digitally, and how was it evaluated by the students? Here you find the documentation, film and link to the presentation from the webinar (in Swedish).

[The video initially only has machine-generated captions but these will be updated with manual editing of subtitles that better matches the content.]

About the webinar

The webinar presents two different types of oral examination for courses at the advanced level, with conditional freedom of choice for the student regarding level and subject as a common theme.

"I started with oral examination in 2008 for students in master's programmes in structural engineering and engineering mechanics. Since 2011, I have oral examination in two courses in the master's programme in aerospace engineering. In one course, the oral examination is optional and only for higher grades but compulsory for the other course. Most of the students who start in the aerospace programme are unfamiliar with oral examination, but there is a long tradition of oral examination in advanced level courses in the field of engineering mechanics at KTH.
In this presentation I will briefly go through several different aspects of my oral examinations: 1) how the oral examination is linked to the intended learning outcomes, other examinations and learning activities, 2) grading criteria, 3) the predictability of the examination and student preparation, 4) legal certainty for students and documentation of the examination, 5) time required and examination extended in time, 6) cost of the examination, and 7) evaluation".

The webinar was given in Swedish.

Presenter: Gunnar Tibert.

Presentation file

The presentation material is available in the tab "Attachments" when you are logged in to KTH Play (log in at the top right of KTH Play) .

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