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Practical advice for lessons online

Published May 02, 2018

More and more teachers are making filmed lectures online. But what do you need to think about in getting the best effect? A new handbook from KTH provides the advice.

Interest in e-learning has increased significantly in recent years, maybe because KTH’s initiative on MOOCs, open courses online, where a large number of videos have been produced. Jonas Thorén, at KTH's media department, who produced many of the films, has produced a handbook:

- The purpose is to help teachers to be able to help themselves with presentation design and video production. I will also use the book as educational material in coaching activities I plan to start - workshops and individual coaching for teachers at KTH.

Read the full article in Campi (in Swedish) here:

Read more about Using Video for Learning .

Jonas Thorén
Jonas Thorén. (Photo: Sophie Bordenave Lindborg)
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