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Create engagement in your Zoom lectures

Documentation from Lunch 'n' Learn December 8, 2021

Published Jan 18, 2022

Gottfried Gemzell (Digital educator) has worked with everything from getting computer programs to writing novels to the distance program at Berghs. In this webinar, we get Gottfrieds tips on creating engagement in distance lectures, woven into his own experiences from his background. Here is the documentation (videos in Swedish, and links) from this Lunch 'n' Learn webinar.

Table of contents for the video 



Please note that the videos are in Swedish. 

Here is a list of links that serve as a table of contents for the recording. Click on the link for the part you want to watch. When you get to KTH Play, click on the play button, and the video will start in the right place. All links lead to KTH Play.

01:02 Mentimeter survey of what participants think when they hear the word "Zoom lecture"

02:52 Gottfried's background

04:31 Four saved pictures in 3 years (1989–1991)

05:24 Twelve saved pictures in 3 days (today, 2021)

06:58 Reflection on the purpose of the digital medium

08:26 Unprepared breakout room attempt
10:02 Gottfried on Bergh's distance program

14:14 Gottfried as Gottfrid in the serie Happyish

15:19 Tip: Clear rules for the lecture

15:50 Gottfried at KTH - first turn

18:36 Requires an effort to learn students' questions and facial expressions

20:07 Tip: Be prepared and concentrated

21:02 Gottfried at the Stockholm School of Economics

24:43 Visit to the Stockholm School of Economic's meeting room

30:26 Visit to the Stockholm School of Economic's studio

31:44 Clip from the Stockholm School of Economic's studio

35:46 The idea behind a webinar in this format

39:40 Summary

42:08 Participants' best tips for a webinar (from the chat)

About the webinar

During the webinar, Gottfried gives us tips for creating engagement in distance lectures, woven into his own experiences from his background in everything from a literary scholar to experiences from Bergh's distance programs to Stockholm School of Economics and KTH. We are invited to the world of a copywriter and the importance of a clear framework to create a space where students feel comfortable and know what to expect. 

Early in the webinar, participants can express themselves via Mentimeter, and high pressure is created in the chat when a completely unprepared breakout room session is announced. 

We also visit the Stockholm School of Economics, where Richard Wester (Digital and IT project manager, Executive Education) and Edvin Langevik (Studio Technician) show their meeting room and studio.

Gottfried’s tips on how to create engagement in your Zoom lectures

Clear rules for the participants in the lecture

  • Where do the students physically have to be when attending the lecture?
  • What are the rules for interaction?
  • Should the camera be on?
  • Should the students participate with sound?
  • Should there be an area in the lecture hall where students can talk for everyone to hear?
  • Be prepared and concentrated.

Teachers, consider this:

  • Be prepared!
  • Make it a unique event, don’t record!
  • Shorter formats on the lectures.
  • Does the technology contribute to solving a problem?
  • Review the size of the student group.

Make dialogue

  • Breakout rooms.
  • Portion the lecture into multiple sessions.
  • Make it easy to ask questions.
  • Take the opportunity to have good guest teachers.
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