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Status of system support for making accessible video


Published Sep 26, 2020

After Sunet recently made it possible, KTH has now ordered the Reach service, which will make it easier for teachers to meet the legal requirements for accessibility. According to the legislation on Accessibility to Digital Public Services (DOS), a video published on a public governmental website after 23 September 2020 will be accessible if there are subtitles and, if necessary, visual interpretation.

Features of Reach

Reach is an add-on feature to Kaltura, the video tool used in KTH Play. When the service is good for end-users at KTH, teachers at KTH Spela will be able to produce subtitles with the help of the service.

Some manual handling is required

Now has a function that automates subtitles. The automatic function will do most of the work, but some manual handling will be needed. How much depends on the quality of sound and speech and the proportion of difficult / unusual concepts.

What will the service cost?

Sunet has set the price tag for the service at 7 euros per hour film and KTH is looking into how the cost should be aggregated and distributed.

This is is the next step

  1. KTH has ordered the service via Sunet and is trying to get it activated as soon as possible.
  2. As soon as the service is activated, the necessary technical adjustments have been made and the cost allocation has been decided, the service will be available to end-users. E-learning updates information about subtitling video recorded material on the video subtitling  page.
  3. E-learning develops manuals and recommendations for how teachers should use the service.

Good to know

An exception to the law applies to live recordings, which can be published on a website in an inaccessible format for 14 days.