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Update of KTH Transfer to Ladok

Published Oct 16, 2023

KTH Transfer to Ladok, the function that transfers grades in Canvas to Ladok, has been updated. The update applies to minor changes that improve user-friendliness. In addition, the guide materials for the feature have been updated.

Improved appearance and ease of use

KTH Transfer to Ladok is a feature in Canvas that was launched in early 2020 with the aim of simplifying the reporting of grades to Ladok. The feature has now been updated to a new version with improved appearance and user-friendliness. You use the feature in the same way as before. Some of the changes you may notice include:

  • The feature opens in the same window instead of a new one.
  • You can't proceed if you select an assignment that doesn't use a grading scheme.
  • When you choose a module to transfer to, it is clearer which course section the module belongs to.

New guide material

As part of the update, E-learning has produced new guide material in the form of web pages and a new instructional video that goes through all the steps to transfer grades.

Guide material for KTH Transfer to Ladok

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