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Common legal questions about remote and hybrid teaching

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about remote and hybrid teaching from a legal perspective. The questions mainly concern the handling of recorded material.

Can I record my remote lectures?

Yes, it's okay to record remote lectures, but remember to only record audio and video of teachers, not students. If a lecture is recorded, students must be able to ask questions and participate separate from the recording.

Do I have to record remote lectures?

No, it is up to you as a teacher to decide if you want to record and share your lectures. However, you may be asked by Funka to record lectures as compensatory support if a student needs it.

Are students allowed to record my lectures?

No, it is not allowed.

Are recorded lectures public record?

Yes, recorded lectures become public documents to be kept for two years and may be released on request.

How do I manage attendance control remotely if a student doesn't want to use a camera?

Resolve the control of attendance individually with that student, for example in a breakout room.