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Instructions on use of halls and measures in KTH´s premises for HT21

Published Jun 30, 2021

Clarification is gathered here on instructions for the use of halls and information on KTH's measures and adaptations that have been made in premises to avoid congestion and reduce the spread of COVID-19 infection. KTH follows the Swedish Public Health Agency's recommendations and the Government's directive to reduce the spread of COVID-19, where one of the most important is to avoid congestion.

Related information

Instructions on the use of halls during the beginning of the autumn semester 2021 (HT21)

For the beginning of the autumn, the instructions that are given below will replace the previous instructions of a maximum of 50 people per room:

  • In lecture theatres (hörsalar), 1/3 of all seats per hall will be useable
  • In lecture rooms (övningssalar), written exams regulations apply
  • Please find
  • The furniture in the halls must not be changed
  • Furniture must not be moved between halls.

Read more on the scenario description's page on .

Measures to reduce the spread of infection

During the academic year 20/21, the Property Department (PD)  at KTH has closely followed the Government's directives and FHM's advice and recommendations regarding adaptations to reduce the spread of infection. In consultation with the President and the University Director, KTH has taken measures to make it possible to keep distance and reduce the spread of infection. The measures will remain in the autumn of 2021 or until the Government or FHM announces otherwise.

Adapted premises and furniture

  • Introduced exam sitting in all halls, i.e. halved all furniture in education premises and surrounding areas
  • Blocked off chairs in auditoriums
  • Purchased and assembled plexiglass boards in first and second cycle education halls, receptions, and counters
  • Signposted with "Keep your distance" in entrances, halls, and corridors
  • Carry out follow-up and measures for chapter halls.

Extended cleaning

  • Adopted cleaning two times a day in the WC
  • Adopted wiping of door handles and handrails one time a day.

Hand sanitisers made available

  • Adapts premises for handling hand sanitisers
  • Bought in and assembles hand sanitiser holders in entrances and halls
  • Coordinated purchase of hand sanitisers
  • Applied for an extended permit for hand sanitisers


  • Conducted risk analysis (RSA) of computer and lab rooms at KTH for students with targeted needs
  • Informed about what applies regarding gatherings and serving.


If you have any questions, contact the Property Departments service unit through:

  • Email:
  • Telephone: 08-790 9200 for urgent matters during the day (telephone hours in the summer of 2021, 28/6-6/8: weekdays 08.00-11.30, 12.30-16.00)
  • Form: Report a Fault