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Hybrid teaching for beginners

Try and ask your questions! Date: 13 and 20 November at Campus Valhallavägen

Published Nov 09, 2020

Are you going to teach in classroom and at the same time have participating students and/or guest lecturers via Zoom? Then you can come on a "study visit" on Campus and try to set up a classroom with the technology you need.

To help you, there are technicians, educational developers as well as architects and development managers for new tooms. The event is organized by Education Development and Teaching and Learning in Higher Education  and the new PriU-group for Facilities, Schedule and Planning (group web in Social in Swedish) .

Time and place

Date: 13 November 12:15-13:00. Campus Valhallavägen: Hands-on study visit - hybrid teaching - for beginners (in Swedish)

Date: 20 November 12:15-13:00. Campus Valhallavägen.

What can I do at the workshop?

Try hands-on

All participants will be able to try connecting their computer, use a document camera for lecture notes that are projected for students in the room and in Zoom for students online.


Opportunity is given to ask questions and discuss different scenarios. Technicians, educators as well as architects and development managers of new rooms will participate.