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KTH's action plan for education for study period 3, 2022

Due to stricter pandemic restrictions from 12 January 2022

Published Jan 14, 2022

The prerequisites for study period 3 (P3) are that KTH applies KTH's scenario “LOW” for education, which means that the campus is open, but now with infection controlled-adapted hall furniture (i.e. the same restrictions on teaching as in the beginning of the academic period 1, HT21). The students who have not been able to participate in the on-campus examination during the exam period for P2 should be referred to the re-examination period in Easter.


Specific recommendations for university and higher education activities

Universities and higher education (HE) institutions must follow the recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden regarding measures to prevent the spread of infection. Universities and HE institutions are responsible for designing their courses themselves, and they also decide how the examination of the students should be designed. The higher education institutions also decide when the examination sessions will be carried out and how many examination sessions to offer.

Information on COVID-19 for adult education providers (Swedish, folkhä

Current measures that apply in the higher education area in the Ministry of Education's press release published 2022-01-11 "The max amount for students will be abolished until 30 June 2022"

About GUx

The First and Second Cycle Education Committee (GU)  is one of the three committees of the  (the President’s highest body for education issues). GUx is an extended GU-group responsible for matters regarding the pandemic’s effect on studies. They also prepare decisions within education and develop practical guidelines based on the President’s decisions.

The Board of Education’s First and Second Cycle Education Committee has in an extra meeting (GUx) taken into account the Government's directive on the stricter restrictions that apply from 12 January 2022. GUx has discussed the new conditions (see below) for the spring semester's study period 3 (P3: 18 January–7 March VT22).

Same as for period 1 autumn semester 2021

KTH follows the Government's directive to continue prioritising on-campus educational activities whenever possible. For P3 VT22, therefore, the same applies as in the beginning of P1 HT21, i.e. KTH's scenario “LOW” means that the campus is open.

Digital alternatives when needed

The Government and the Public Health Agency of Sweden recommend, when needed, distance education options to reduce the spread of infection. At KTH, lectures with larger groups should therefore be given digitally.

Zoom and hybrid teaching (pedagogical tips)

Zoom and hybrid rooms at KTH (technical equipment in rooms)

KTH's scenario description already contains . Campus teaching may be carried out provided that:

  • it is conducted in smaller groups of students
  • the activity is adapted to minimise the spread of infection
  • overcrowding is avoided
  • it is carried out using adequate protective equipment, washing and disinfection.

Re-adaption of premises and furniture

The Property Department (PD) will re-adapt the same infection control measures in KTH's premises according to "Instructions on the use of halls and measures in KTH's premises for HT21" (2021-06-30) . Among other things, it says, to:

  • In lecture theatres (hörsalar), 1/3 of all seats per hall will be useable.
  • In lecture rooms (övningssalar), written exams regulations apply.
  • The furniture in the halls must not be changed.
  • Furniture must not be moved between halls.

The adaption work is expected to be completed during week 3.

Read more on the KTH scenario description page .

Opportunity for re-exam at KTH

The Government and UKÄ urge the higher education institutions to be flexible with more examination sessions for those who are ill.

KTH always offers the possibility of re-examination for each study period; there is a re-exam period with predetermined dates for each exam period. See KTH's Exam schedules and dates to register for exams .

Students who have not been able to participate in an on-campus exam due to illness/symptoms during the exam period for P2 (10-17 January 2022) are referred to the re-exam period for P2 (19-22 April 2022) in Easter.

In March, we will know better what the pandemic situation looks like in the run-up to Easter and beyond. More information about a possible offer of additional examination for an on-campus exam given in the exam period P2 2021 will be announced around the time for the opening of the registration on Thursday 17 March until Thursday 31 March at 23.59 2022.

KTH reminds examiners of the possibility of designing examinations that are not dependent on physical presence. Read more on how to here under resources for examination Support, advice and guidelines on examination on Education support . Digital written remote examination with camera surveillance (e.g. via Zoom) is not allowed. See what applies to .

Students can apply for exemptions from CSN

CSN has announced that students can apply for an exemption if the study results are insufficient due to the pandemic. It can be good to remind students that they need to report to the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan) in the event of illness/have symptoms at the time of the exam. Please refer students to:

If the Corona pandemic affected your results (Swedish,