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The organisation of education at KTH

Here you will find an overview of the main bodies which make up the organisation of education activities on a university-wide level at KTH.

Decisions on KTH's educational activities are mainly organised under the Faculty Council and the schools' Faculty Boards. Sub-Portfolio Education is responsible for digitalisation initiatives for education.

Find general information about KTH's organisation and management here: Organisation and Management

Faculty Council

The Faculty Council has a KTH-wide responsibility to improve the quality of education, research and collaboration with society as well as in recruitment and promotion processes for teacher positions. The Faculty Council's responsibilities and tasks related to education are, among other things, to:

  • Manage and improve the quality system of KTH
  • Act as a link between KTH’s management and teachers
  • Create good conditions for cross-disciplinary exchange

Faculty Council

Faculty Boards

The Faculty Boards have a school-specific responsibility for developing the quality of education within each school. The Faculty Boards' responsibilities and tasks related to education include:

  • Long-term development of education in relation to KTH's vision and goals
  • Follow up and develop quality within the framework of KTH's quality system
  • Establish forms for collegial support and exchange across the school's areas of activity and subjects

Faculty Boards

Sub-Portfolio Education

Sub-Portfolio Education is one of three sub-portfolios developed at KTH. It coordinates and is responsible for digitalisation initiatives and management of IT support for education at KTH.

Sub-Portfolio Education

University-wide arenas for educational development

At KTH there are many possibilities to network and discuss questions regarding first, second and third cycle education. For academic leaders there are special networks for exchanging experiences and collaborations regarding education development. Since study period 4 in 2020 there are regular open network meetings on Zoom that everyone at KTH are welcome to attend. 

Arenas for Educational Development and Networking

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