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New Quizzes item banks and randomized questions

Learn to use New Quizzes item banks to share quiz questions with other teachers and courses, and to randomize questions in a quiz. You can also learn how to randomize assignments for examination by using item banks.

What is an item bank?

An item bank is a quiz support feature in Canvas that allows you to save collections of quiz questions that are independent of quizzes and courses. You can easily add questions to a quiz from an item bank and also share the item bank with other teachers and course rooms. An item bank is therefore a convenient way to save questions that will be reused in several courses or course rounds, especially if you want to vary the quiz between them.

Create and share an item bank

Here you can learn how to use item banks in New Quizzes. We will explain what an item bank is, how to create an item bank and add questions to it from a quiz or directly in the item bank. You can also learn how to share an item bank with other people or courses.

Create and share an item bank

Add or randomize questions from an item bank

Questions can be added to a quiz in three ways with New Quizzes item banks. You can either choose specific questions, put all the questions in a random order, or randomize a certain number of questions. This guide explains the three ways and also gives you a walk-through in how to edit a question added from an item bank.

Add or randomize questions from a New Quiz item bank

Randomize assignments during examinations

In the case of larger, graded assignments, such as an exam, it is often advantageous if the students do not receive exactly the same questions. A suitable method for this is using random questions in quizzes and assignments. On this page, we go through an example of an arrangement of this, and the recommended settings for the arrangement.

Randomize assignments during examinations