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Course rooms will be in a read-only state, starting 60 days after the course end date

Published Apr 27, 2021

To make it easier for teachers and students to find active Canvas rooms, a new routine to manage old course rooms in Canvas will be introduced before the autumn term starts in 2021. The course rooms will, just like examination rooms, be deactivated 60 days after the course end date registered in Kopps. The rooms will still be visible but in a read-only state. For example, it will no longer be possible to publish or submit new assignments.

Active course rooms will be easier to find

The routine, the same as the one for examination rooms , will be introduced to help teachers and students to find their active course rooms. This is notably relevant for people with several open course rooms. When a course has reached the end date, it will be moved from your active course menu ("Dashboard") to "Past enrolments".

Canvas has developed a  teacher/administrator guide to find all your courses (  and a student guide to find all your courses ( .

Consequences for students

Studentswill no longer be able to submit assignments, post in discussion threads or use other Canvas functions in the read-only course rooms. They can still see their assignments, feedback, results and grades.

Consequences for teachers/administrators

Teachersand administratorscan still see published and unpublished course content with read-only access. They can also see students submissions, but they can not edit course content or grades.

Teachers can reactivate

If you wish to use a course room after it has been closed, you can reactivate it under the course settings. Students will be able to be active in the course room again exactly as before.

If you want to read more about it, Canvas has published a  guide for how you can change the start- and end date of a course ( . Note: if you follow the guide, select "course" instead of "term" if you want to change the date.


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