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Upgraded assurance level on Ladok login

Does your KTH-account have the right assurance level for login to Ladok?

As of July 1st 2023 all Ladok users at KTH must have at least assurance level AL2 on their KTH account in order to be able to login to Ladok. If you haven't already, you need to upgrade your account as soon as possible.

Check your assurance level

You can check your assurance level by logging in to Ladok. If your assurance level is too low, you will receive a warning when logging in. This means you have assurance level AL1 and you then need to confirm your identity. See instructions further down this page.

You can also check the assurance level on your KTH-account here . Observe that the page is in Swedish.

If your result is in red, you have AL1 and need to upgrade your account. If your result is in green, you have AL2 and do not need to upgrade your account.

What does this mean for you?

If you get the warning like the one above, you need to upgrade your account. The easiest way is to do it through Swedish Mobile BankID and the page Manage your KTH account .

If you don’t have Swedish Mobile BankID, you need to go to KTH Entré, or your local service center or IT Support and bring a valid identification. There you ask to upgrade your assurance level to AL2 and show your ID.

Acceptable forms of identification at KTH

Please note that after raising the assurance level, you may need to clear your browser history to see the change.

Clear web data in web browser

What is an assurance level?

Simply explained, assurance level is an indication of how secure we are about who holds a Ladok account. At the lowest level (AL1) it may be the person who provided the information themselves, and at the higher ones (AL2) someone has performed an ID check.

Ladok contains a large amount of personal data and exercise of public authority is done in the system. It is important that only authorized personnel has access to the system, that the information in the system is correct and that it cannot be changed by unauthorized persons. To ensure this, the requirements for identification of users need to be high for Ladok users.

As of July 1st 2023, the assurance level AL2 is required on your KTH account in order to log in to Ladok.

Important to know

  • Since 2015, KTH has had AL2 as the assurance level when creating new account for employees and students. Therefore, many employees and students already have AL2 level on their account. However, a KTH account can lose its AL2 level. This happens if you have forgotten your password and contact the IT-support in order to receive an activation code remotely. If you change the password yourself through KTH's web, or visit KTH Entré to change your password, the AL2 level is not affected. 
  • Have you missed, or know that you will miss, the deadline for upgrading your account? In this case you will not be able to log in to Ladok after July 1st 2023. As soon as you have upgraded your account, even if you upgrade after July 1st, you will again be able to log in to Ladok.
  • From December 10, 2023, all students with Swedish identity numbers will need to have assurance level AL2 on their account to log in to Ladok for students. Read more about this here: Confirm the identity on your KTH account .
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