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Questions and Answers Ladok (FAQ)

Here are some questions and answers for administrators and teachers about Ladok. This page will be continuously updated.

User tips

  • Ladok does not work with the old Internet Explorer browser. We recommend using Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, or Microsoft Edge. Make sure you have the latest version of the browser
  • Work in several tabs. Open a link in a new tab by right-clicking on the link and select "open link in new tab" or hold down "ctrl" and click the link. However, keep in mind that an update made in a tab will not appear in another tab if the other tab is not redirected.
  • If Ladok is down, check if there is a scheduled system maintenance in the calendar.
  • Problems logging in to Ladok, contact IT support

Those of you who may have an account at other universities may have problems logging in. When you log in via the personal menu, the case may be that you are automatically connected to the other university.

Do this: Clear settings. Then log in again, choose the KTH Royal Institute of Technology as the identity service provider.


If you have questions about Ladok, please do this first:

  1. Read the manual
  2. Ask a colleague
  3. Send an e-mail to Ladoksupport,


if you have questions about Ladok, please do this first:

  1. Read the manual
  2. Ask a colleauge
  3. Send an e-mail to Ladoksupport,

Registration and reporting

Im going on vacation now - who can report / certify instead of me?

Check your routines at your school. Its important to have backup with appropriate permissions.

I have reported and received an archive list before Ladok was closed, do I have to sign it?

All lists that have not been recorded definitely have disappeared during the transition to new Ladok. It needs to be redone. The file list for definitely submitted results must be signed and archived.

I do not have permission to authorise.

Have you completed the web course? In that case you should be able to authorise, if any problems contact UA.

Why can I not report results?

Check with the UA for your admission in Ladok.

I can not find expected participants in my course?

In Ladok you can search by course, "participation", enter administrative course instance or click "View all". But there is a new KTH service called "Course Participant". You can find it under "Services" in the Personal menu.

If you are an examiner (in Kopps on current course) you can see, for example, information about a student who needs so called FUNKA support.

Expected participants on course/courseround

If you are teacher(in Kopps on current course), you can see how many students at each administrative course instance that have FUNKA and what kind of need of support they have (FUNKA code).

I have saved the results as a draft, but the certifierfor tfor the course do not appear in the list of people to report the result to?

In order to be able to report results, the person needs to be qualified as an official of the institution where the course is given, and to be registred as an certifier for the course.

Why cant I notify the examiner?

Most likely, the certifier is not linked to the course/administrative course instance. The examiner must have completed the web course in order certify.

How do I know if the examiner has authorised?

Find the course in Ladok and tick "show all". In the "certify" tab you can see if there are people left in the "cleared" column.

It is also possible to add your courses as favorites and then you can see if the course has any outstanding authorizations and / or if there is a final mark to report on the course. See reference guide.

I need to report results - but the interface looks diffrent?

Updates are continuously done in Ladok. Check all reference guides.

I can not register person X, there is a fee. condition?

Send e-mail to and type "Fee condition" in the subject line.

Student Services in Ladok

What can my students see and do in Ladok for students?

Students can register at the next course instance if web registration period exists for the course. Select study instance, see ongoing, upcoming and unfinished education, see study results, obtain certificate of performance, certificate of expected participation and registration certificate, apply for exams and change their contact details.

How often is the national registration updated for students and PhD students?

An update of the National Accounting Data from the Swedish Tax Agency is done once a week. Students without a Swedish social security number must enter their address where they want their post to be sent. This is done under contact details under their name in the Personal menu.

The student has received / changed social security number

The student contacts, Swedish personal identity number

Student has wrong name or has changed name

A registered person is automatically updated when a change has been made by the Swedish Tax Agency. Students with an interim personal number should contact, with a copy of ID.


How do I create a certificate for a student?

We recommend that students issue certificates themselves through Ladok.

When they issue certificates, they receive a verification code confirming that the information is correct. The certificate must therefore not be signed by admin person. At the moment there is no line to sign the certificate, you can arrange it yourself at the appropriate place on the certificate. As an administrator, you can also create certificate from Ladok. See reference guide Student participation.


The student can not register for the exam


-Is the registration period open?
-Is the course/administrative course instance the student is admitted to, open for the notification?
-Has the student approved results earlier on the test / module?

Entry admission in Ladok

I have no entry admission in Ladok and I have not attended the web courses

Contact UA at your school

How do I know which permissions I have in Ladok?

Ask your UA at your school.

How and where do I log in?

Personal menu, Services, Other selected services, Ladok for employees (administrators and teachers)

I can not log in at all?

Do you have permission? Did you attend the user training as an administrator or web course as a teacher/examiner? Contact:

I can not find "my" administrative course instance in Ladok?

Administrative course instance are transferred from Kopps to Ladok. If the course is not available in Ladok, contact the Kopps Administrator at your school.

Where is my schedule?

In the Personal menu/Schedule.

I can not find a student in Ladok when I search the name?

Make sure you spell correctly, you can search for part of name, then end with a "Search Star", or you can enter it before the name.

If you are looking for a personal number, enter the number format yyyymmdd * (search star).

Examination/credit transfer

Cant find the university when I do a credit transfer?

They need to be "Pingas" in the same way as in old Ladok. See reference guide Credit transfer in Canvas.