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Course start – FLH3000 Basic Communication and Teaching 3.0 credits Period 3A - Tuesdays

Spring 2024 Tuesdays GKU programme students

This course is aimed at those who are new to communication and teaching. You may be a doctoral student who, as part of your duties, teaches in various forms.

Time: Mon 2024-01-22

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Course content

The course consists of visits to experienced teachers, various communication exercises, group project work and individual written reflections. The overall aim of this course is to give new teaching assistants the opportunity to develop their communication and teaching skills.

The main themes for the course are:

  • Basis for learning and teaching
  • Natural learning environments
  • Teaching of engineering sciences
  • Feedback and supervision
  • Interviews and group work
  • Recording of teaching
  • Your development as teacher

Course teachers

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