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Higher education pedagogy with Stockholm trio

Continuation education courses in higher education pedagogy, resources for pedagogical development and teacher conferences. That and more as the higher education pedagogical activities within the Stockholm Trio University Alliance work together to strengthen the development of teaching and support the universities' teachers in their professional development.

Stockholm Trio

Within the framework of the Stockholm trio university alliance, we collaborate with the Centre for University Teacher Education (CEUL) at Stockholm University and Teaching and Learning (UoL) at Karolinska Institutet (KI).

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Continuation/advanced courses in higher education pedagogy

There is a special agreement concerning continuation/advanced education courses, which means that teachers at the three universities have the opportunity to participate in each other's education courses free of charge, subject to availability.

Higher education pedagogy courses at KI

Higher education pedagogy courses at SU

Resources for university teachers

KI and SU offer teaching staff various types of support for pedagogical development. We would like to encourage you to explore and use these resources in your professional development:

Support for teaching at KI

Teaching resources at SU

Teacher conferences for sharing experiences

There are several conferences within the three universities so it works out that there is a conference every year at each of the universities. Now the universities are opening the doors to these conferences and inviting teachers from all three universities SU, KTH and KI to participate.