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Horizon Europe Info days 2021

The 10-day event will give prospective applicants and other stakeholders of EU research and innovation the opportunity to get information and ask questions about main funding instruments, processes of Horizon Europe and what is new.

Tid: Må 2021-06-28 kl 09.00 - Fr 2021-07-09 kl 17.00

Plats: Online

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The Horizon Europe info days will address nine themes, each featuring a programme of exclusive discussions and hands-on sessions dedicated to a different cluster or part of the new programme.

Bridge2HE and European Enterprise Networks brokering events

In conjunction with the Horizon Europe Infodays the national contact point organisation Bridge2HE and the European Enterprise Network organises brokering events to facilitate the matching of partners in the various clusters.

Cluster 1 event on 5 July https://healthbe2021.b2match.io/
Cluster 2 event on 2 July https://horizoneurope-cluster2-infoday.b2match.io/
Cluster 3 event on 1 July https://seren4-heu-cluster3-infoday.b2match.io/
Cluster 4
- Digital event on 24-25 June digital2021.ideal-ist.eu
- Space event on 28 June https://cosmos2020plus-heu-cluster4-space-brokerage.b2match.io/
- Industry event on 1 July (tbc)
Cluster 5 event on 7 July https://he-cluster5.b2match.io/
Cluster 6 event on 9 July https://he-cluster6.b2match.io