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Marrying data analysis with teaching and learning

Docentföreläsning av Olga Viberg, Medieteknik och interaktionsdesign

Tid: Ti 2022-09-06 kl 13.00

Videolänk: Zoom

Språk: Engelska

Medverkande: Olga Viberg, Medieteknik och interaktionsdesign

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Learning analytics (LA) is argued to be able to improve learning outcomes, learner support, and teaching. However, despite an increasingly expanding amount of student (digital) data accessible from various online education and learning platforms and the growing interest in LA worldwide, as well as considerable research efforts already made, there is still little empirical evidence of impact on practice that shows the effectiveness of LA in education settings. Based on a selection of empirical and theoretical research, this presentation will offer a critical discussion about the possibilities of collecting and using student data. It will also discuss barriers and challenges to overcome when providing data-informed support to educators’ everyday teaching practices.

This presentation will summarize our recent research efforts in learning analytics in higher education. This includes a focus on the role of the key stakeholders (i.e., students and teachers), students’ self-regulation, privacy issues associated with the implementation of learning analytics and the role of culture in learning analytics. Finally, in this presentation I will argue that in order to increase the impact of data-driven decision making aimed at students’ improved learning in education at scale, we need to better understand educators’ needs, their teaching practices, the context in which these practices occur, and how to support them in developing relevant knowledge, strategies and skills to facilitate the data-informed process of digitalization of education.