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JML seminar series ABE

Within the framework of the Gender Equality, Diversity and Equal Opportunities (JML) work, the ABE school and the ITM school has an internal seminar series with the aim of highlighting the work that is underway to achieve a gender-equal and attractive workplace.

Gerd Altmann / Pixabay

The idea is partly that the two school's employees should be able to learn more about the work taking place within the JML work and about challenges and success examples in the area and partly to create a meeting place for dialogue and discussion. The ambition is to offer one seminar a month during term time where different themes are raised and guests are invited.

Upcoming seminar:

6 May 2024: Women’s networks

Time: Monday 6 May at 12.00-13.00

Place: Gladan, Brinellvägen 85, 3rd floor

Women’s networks exists within many organisations. Purposes vary, setting and structure as well. At this seminar, Associate professor Jennie Björk, presents her work on networks in organizations, studies on how networks can contribute to the overall goals of the organization. The presentation is followed by a panel discussion how women’s networks at KTH could contribute to the overall goals of KTH. The panel includes the latest recipients of the KTH President’s Equality and Diversity prize, the professors Carlota Canalias, Linda Lundström and Lisa Prahl Wittberg, who actively worked with the women’s network at the SCI school.

Previous seminars in English

Seminars in Swedish are listed on the Swedish version of this page

7 March 2024: Gender-based violence and proactive work

Time: Thursday 7 March at 12.00 - 13:00

Place: Kurslokal, Teknikringen 1, plan 5

Double discrimination against women at KTH

Professor Anna Wahl will briefly present results from the newly published report Double discrimination against women: A report on gender-based violence in the form of incivility and sexual harassment at KTH.

The report shows that women at KTH experience a higher degree of exposure to gender-based violence than men, and women at KTH experience a higher degree of exposureto gender-based violence than women in the entire sector.

This lunch seminar is organised as a workshop starting with a brief presentation of the report, followed by group discussions based on the results of the study, ending with an opportunity to ask questions.

Language: The presentation will be in English and the group discussions will be in the language best suited to each group.

Presentation from the seminar

Anna Wahl Gender-based violence and proactive work (pdf 392 kB)

14 December 2023: Diversity at work

Want to attract and retain a healthy and diverse staff group?

Attend this lecture for ITM and ABE employees, that aims for a deeper knowledge of how structural racism affects the work of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) and anti-discrimination for both staff and students.
Lecturer Anna Adeniji has a PhD in Gender Studies and works as a consultant and educator.

2 December 2021: Gender Gap Variation across Assessment Formats: Explanations and Implications

In this seminar, Arizo Karimi, Assistant Professor at Uppsala University, presents the working paper Explaining gender gap variation across assessment forms.

Using Swedish population data, we document that girls outperform boys by a third of a standard deviation in school grades, whereas a gap of similar magnitude but opposite sign persists in SAT scores in the sample of non-randomly selected test-takers. We establish that grades capture different attributes than SAT scores, which accounts for much of the variation in gender gaps.

A model of SAT participation illustrates how women’s greater participation—driven by traits not rewarded by higher scores—leads to their negative selection on observed and unobserved traits. We explore the quantitative importance of this mechanism and conclude that while selection is important, it fails to account for a substantial fraction of the gender gap in SAT scores, suggesting the possibility that the SAT penalizes women.

23 September 2021: Female Faculty: Why care and why so few?

Sweden is one of the world’s most gender equal countries. But the fraction female professors at Swedish universities is low. Female researchers in Sweden, like in the rest of the world, still experience unconscious bias and sometimes even harassments. There are many scientific studies that demonstrate bias against women in academic settings.

In this seminar, Professor Pernilla Wittung-Stafshede from Chalmers University of Technology will bring up the most common misconceptions around gender equality and show, using scientific evidence, that those statements are wrong. She will also discuss possible solutions and a new gender equality initiative, Genie, that has been started at Chalmers.

Speaker: Pernilla Wittung-Stafshede, Professor, Department of Biology and Biological Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology and Head of Genie, Gender Initiative for Excellence.

Presentation from the seminar

Pernilla Wittung-Stafshede - Female faculty: Why so few and why care? (pdf 4.7 MB)

9 June 2021: What is going on within the JML-work at KTH and the ABE school?

This seminar was given in Swedish.

Welcome to this first seminar in the JML- seminar series where Anna Wahl, Vice President for Gender equality and values at KTH is invited to talk about the plan for continued work for an equal KTH 2021-2022. Mats Wilhelmsson, the school’s responsible for gender equality, diversity and equal conditions (JMLA) will inform about ongoing activities within the school and Klara Folkesson, Equality Officer will give an insight into the work carried out within the KTH Equality office and regarding active measures.