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Decision on steering group for the Lab for a Digital Built Environment (DiSa)

Published Jan 25, 2022

Head of School has decided to appoint a steering group to the Lab for a Digital Built Environment (DiSa) from 1 February 2022. The steering group will act as support for the lab's director for the continued development of the lab.

Steering group members

  •   Ulrika Knagenhielm-Karlsson, Architecture
  •   Kent Eriksson, Real Estate and Construction Management
  •   Annika Gram, Civil and Architectural Engineering
  •   Kjartan Gudmundsson, Civil and Architectural Engineering
  •   Milan Horemuz, Real Estate and Construction Management
  •   Ahmad Reza Roozbeh, Civil and Architectural Engineering
  •   Takeshi Shirabe, Urban Planning and Environment

About DiSa

DiSa is planned to be a living workshop for the digital information process in the built environment and a meeting place for students, teachers and industry. The investment is part of the President's decision for excellent educational environments (V-2019-0957).

Teachers at the School of Architecture and the Built Environment can book the lab for teaching. The intended activities in the lab also include workshops and laboratory work in teaching that are linked to digitization and the lab's digital tools, but also seminars for students, teachers, researchers, industry and external partners. The activities that directly benefit from the lab's equipment will be prioritized.

Here you will find information about the equipment available in the Lab for a Digital Built Environment (DiSa)