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Time to sort the food waste in all ABE kitchens!

Anders Blomqvist, the ABE school Infrastructure manager, at the food waste station in SEED's kitchen, Teknikringen 10B
Published Oct 10, 2019

Soon, the leftovers from all the school's lunch rooms will be sorted and converted into biogas and bio-fertilizers.

Food waste management in the kitchen at SEED, Teknikringen 10B

During the spring, KTH Sustainability Office has led a project to introduce the recycling of food waste at KTH. All the ABE school's kitchens and garbage rooms have surveyed and will soon be ready for sorting of leftover food waste. Some departments at the school already have food sorting in addition to the recycling stations, but this will now will be introduced throughout the school.

Anders Blomqvist, Infrastructure manager at ABE, is very positive about the development. - Since the ABE school was the first of KTH's schools to introduce sorting of food waste, it feels natural that we should also be the first school to fully implement this handling throughout the school. This is an uncomplicated measure in our local infrastructure to improve our recycling, which will costs a tiny percentage of our revenue to implement. At the ABE school there is also the commitment and the forward spirit that makes this transition easy and pleasant.

Look out for new recycling stations and information boards in the lunchrooms soon!


Anders Blomqvist
Anders Blomqvist
infrastructure manager +4687908674