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Programme director appointments extended for First and Second cycle programmes

Published Jun 05, 2018

The mandate period for current assignments as Programme Director (First and Second cycle education) at the school ends on 30 June 2018. A proposal has been submitted to extend the term of office of the current Programme Directors until 31 December 2018. The proposal has been anchored by the school's Head of departments.
All current Programme Directors have been asked and has accepted the extension.

The Head of School decides to extend the following assignments as Programme Director for the period 2018-07-01 -- 2018-12-31:

First cycle:

  • Architecture: Malin Åberg Wennerholm
  • Civil Engineering and Urban Management: Eva Liedholm Jonsson
  • Property Development and Agency: Lotta Snickare
  • Real Estate and Finance: Lotta Snickare

Second cycle (Master's programmes):

  • Architecture: Malin Åberg Wennerholm
  • Architectural Lighting Design: Federico Favero
  • Civil and Architectural Engineering: Almir Draganovic
  • Environmental Engineering (Nordic5Tech): Magnus Svensson
  • Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Infrastructure: Magnus Svensson
  • Real Estate and Construction Management: Jenny Paulsson
  • Sustainable Technology: Monika Olsson
  • Sustainable Urban Planning and Design:  Peter Brokking and Daniel Koch (Deputy)
  • Urbanism Studies: Tigran Haas

Constructional Engineering and Design and Construction Management: Per Roald's assignment as Programme Director has been extended until 2018-09-30 in a previous decision .