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She is the new Co-Director of Live-In Lab

Profilbild på Agnieszka.
Agnieszka Zalejska Jonsson (Foto:KTH)
Published Feb 22, 2022

We spoke with Agnieszka Zalejska Jonsson, who works at the Department of Real Estate and Construction Management and who at the turn of the year took on the role of Co-Director for KTH Live-In Lab.

How does it feel?

– This feels great. I have had the privilege of following how KTH Live-In Lab developed from design to physical existence, to test beds and to the fact that we are about to see a digital version. It is a privilege to be part of this, to be able to follow and contribute to development.

What does your new role mean?

– With coordinated time, I can get more involved in the actual development of Live-In Lab. I will enjoy the conversations and the platform that enables collaboration between different partners. KTH Live-in Lab is a very interesting platform for conducting research, but also for education and I look forward to helping with both. The point of Live-In Lab is precisely that there are many who collaborate and investigate issues from different perspectives and link together research and education based on different kinds of knowledge. All parts that are important in the academy are connected as we teach, research, collaborate with partners and communicate knowledge from Live-In Lab.

How do you see the future?

– There is great potential for education and research. Both to accelerate innovations, as technological development is very fast, and since we have to learn from different subjects. KTH Live-In Lab offers a physical space where we can learn about the building's infrastructure and materials, while at the same time learning a lot about housing, their needs, their preferences, their behaviour. It is rewarding to work with something you believe in, which meets your own interest and passion, and the group at Live-In Lab contributes with energy, knowledge and joy.

Who is Live-In Lab for?

– KTH Live-In Lab is a platform that inspires to do something and enables collaboration and therefore I want to encourage you to contact us. There are opportunities for teachers, students, researchers and companies. Whoever you are, there are opportunities where only your own imagination is your limitation. There are opportunities to test physically but also the virtual data part. So start from where you stand and think about how you can use Live-In Lab. Contact who you want from Live-in Lab if you want to meet us, says Agnieszka Zalejska Jonsson.