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Information about new self-service portal for orders of IT products - launch 7 March

Published Mar 03, 2022

On 7 March, a self-service portal for orders of IT products will be launched at the ABE school. The portal will replace the previous IT order forms.

The new portal creates a smoother, more automated flow from order to approval. One of the great advantages is that it is possible to get a clear overview of ongoing orders, which orders have been approved or not and also the history of previous orders. The approval process will also be faster as the approval will not have to go via IT as it currently does. Only when the order is approved does IT take over and handle the purchase according to established routines.

Initially, ABE will be a pilot school at KTH for this portal, then on 21 April the remaining parts of KTH will begin to use the new portal. During this period, IT will be happy to receive feedback about the portal to develop it into a well-functioning tool both for the organisation and IT.

Ordering IT products at ABE

Computer purchases are made in collaboration with KTH IT-Support. KTH IT-Support offers a number of standard configurations compatible with the KTH IT-Workplace platforms and based on typical user requirements.

Ordering IT products at ABE