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Milan Horemuz appointed head of the new surveying division

Published Jan 10, 2023

The division Surveying – geodesy, land law and real estate planning was created at the turn of the year through a merger of the division of real estate planning and land law and the division of geodesy and satellite positioning. The new head of division is Milan Horemuz, who had the same role at the division of geodesy and satellite positioning.

What is the background to the merger and which advantages does it offer?

The merger was realized partly to decrease the vulnerability it meant that both divisions had few employees, but primarily to gather and use common resources on increasing the visibility of our subjects and thus the opportunity of increased external funding of projects with a focus on digitalization and sustainability issues.

Which are the division's subjects?

There are three subjects in the new division: Real estate law, real estate planning and geodesy. They are all relatively small, but they are central to the built environment and society has a demand for labour in these areas. The orientations are complementary and together they can create more societal benefits.

How do you want to develop the division?

Our long-term goals are to coordinate the three subjects, build a transdisciplinary research environment in the surveying area, and develop the existing degree programmes at the first and second cycle levels.

Surveying – Geodesy, Land Law and Real Estate Planning