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Programme director appointment extended for the Constructional Engineering and Design programme

Published Apr 27, 2018

Deputy. Head of School has decided to extend Per Roald's assignment as Programme Director for the three-year Degree Programme in Constructional Engineering and Design and the two-year Degree Programme in Construction Management until 2018-09-30.

Deputy. Head of School has also decided to assign the Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering the task to propose new Programme Director(s) for these two education programmes. The proposal(s) need be submitted to the Director of First and Second Cycle Education (GA) for the Built Environment by 2018-09-01. Final proposal from GA should then be handed in to the Head of School for the final decision by 2018-09-15.

The mandate period for the school's programme directors for first and second cycle education expires on June 20, 2018. Given that the current programme director retires in October 2018, there is no opportunity for a renewed mandate. In order to ensure continuity and create the possibility of organised hand over, the assignment as programme director has been extended for a few months beyond the appointed term of office.