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Programme Directors for doctoral programmes appointed

Published Jun 05, 2018

Head of School in consultation with the Director of Third Cycle Education (FA) has decided to appoint Programme Directors (PA) and Deputy Programme Directors for the listed doctoral programmes below.
The term of office runs from 2018-07-01 until 2022-06-30.

Architecture: Docent Meike Schalk (PA)
Art, technology and design: Docent Meike Schalk (PA)
Civil and Architectural Engineering: Professor Stefan Larsson (PA)
Studies in the humanities and social sciences of technology, science and environment: Docent Karin Edvardsson Björnberg (PA) and Docent Nina Cyrén Wormbs (Deputy PA)
The built environment and society: management, economics and law: Docent Björn Berggren (PA)
Transport science: Docent Joel Franklin (PA) and Docent Oskar Fröidh (Deputy PA)

Programme Directors for doctoral programmes Geodesy and Geoinformatics; Land and water resources engineering and Planning and decision analysis has not yet been appointed for the forthcoming term of office.