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Programme council appointed for doctoral programme Civil and Architectural Engineering

Published Nov 13, 2020

Head of School in consultation with Director of Third Cycle Education (FA) has appointed a programme council for the doctoral programmes in Civil and Architectural Engineering.
The term of office of the programme council runs until 2022-06-30.

Civil and Architectural Engineering

Stefan Larsson (PA)
Anders Ansell
Jean-Marc Battini
Folke Björk
Christophe Duwig
Denis Jelagin
Fredrik Johansson
Raied Karoumi
Nicole Kringos
Richard Malm
Ivo Martinac
Costin Pacoste-Calmanovici
Manfred Partl
Sasan Sadrizadeh
Johan Silfwerbrand
Johan Spross
Magnus Wålinder
John Leander
Mikael Hallgren
Staffan Hintze

THS Student Union appoints doctoral student representatives to the programme councils, these may change during the term of office of the programme council. Representatives from the administration will also be linked to the programme council.