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Conference templates – instructions and files for download

KTH has developed a number of templates that will make it easier for you when you are arranging an event or conference. The templates are available both as Word templates that you can download on your own computor, and then print out on your own printer. Or you can use the procured supplier KTH has an agreement with, that also has templates (InDesign) and can print the material for you.

The templates were created with the idea that KTH’s conference materials should look consistent and that you, as the event or conference organizer, shouldn’t always need to work with an advertising agency to create new materials.

  • The Word templates use the fonts Arial and Georgia.
  • The InDesign templates use The Sans and Farnham.

Conferences and events are often arranged together with one or more partners. The templates, therefore, come in four different variants:

  • KTH as the main sender
  • KTH together with another equal party
  • Another party is the main sender and KTH is a partner

At present, there are templates for nameplates, sandwich boards/signs and a simple programme (A4).