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Word templates to download

When you use the KTH templates, you can be sure to follow the graphic profile. This reinforces our brand, and allows you to reach further with your communication. These are finished templates to support you in your daily activities.

You will find templates in Blankettarkivet

The different templates:

  • Basic template – empty document with the KTH logo.
  • Decision template – used to draw up decision documents in accordance with the requirements in the Government Agencies and Institutes Ordinance (SFS 2007:515)
  • Letter template – to be used for all written correspondence to indicate KTH as the sender.
  • Internal report template – for internal reports printed from your computer.
  • Meeting notes

The Word templates are a support tool in your daily activities

Template contents:

  • Header with information about the document, such as document type, creator, reference number etc.
  • Titles and their placements, as well as what titles should be used has been compiled in a framework, explaining how a certain title format is to be used, what it indicates, as well as how and where it should be placed in the document.

Quality and recognition

In order to ensure high quality documents and recognition in the reader, it is important to keep to the approved metadata framework for the header. You can always choose to remove titles and lines from the header, just remember to do the same on page two (the other pages will take on the format of the second page).