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Business cards and correspondence cards

Here you will find what you need to know for ordering business cards and correspondence cards.

Exempel på KTH visitkort
Exempel på KTH visitkort

Ordering business cards

When printing business cards, call-off must be done with our contracted printing shops. These printing shops have originals ready to produce KTH's business cards. They also know which paper is appropriate. Paper quality is not a matter of choice.

KTH's business cards

The template for business cards is double-sided,

Department of XX
KTH + Street
Postcode and location
Phone: +46-8-
Mobile/Cell: +46-70-

On the English side of the business card, it is possible to add the line KTH Royal Institute of Technology. In order not to have too many lines, one line must be removed, the fax number, for example.

Order your Business card here

Correspondence cards

Correspondence cards can either be ordered as cards with a higher grammage or in blocks of 100, where the paper has a lower grammage. There are generic KTH correspondence cards, cards with school affiliation and a card with its own name.