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Before you start producing a video you should plan your message, content and preferably make a communication plan. On this page you find the instructions and templates for KTH's motion graphics in Adobe Premier Pro.

Accessible to all 

Under the law on accessibility of digital public services, film and audio must be made available to all. This means, among other things, that films must be subtitled and, in some cases, have an audio description.

Subtitle video and audio recordings

Audio description of video recordings

Digital accessibility - requirements and opportunities

Consider this before producing a video:

Motion graphics in Adobe Premier Pro

Motion Graphics Templates (.mogrt) are ready-made graphic elements that allow you to easily change the color and text of the graphics in your Adobe Premiere Pro video project without having to create the elements from scratch each time. They also ensure that the graphics stay in their proper place.

How to use KTH's templates

  1. Download the files  
  2. Follow the instructions for the Motions graphics Templates in the Using mogrt.pdf (pdf 74 kB) .

Order content production

At KTH we use the Content Communications Agency OTW  for the production of communication content in all available channels including digital channels and print.