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Image Rights and Agreements

When you order photos from a photographer, there are several things to keep in mind.

All photographs must be ordered through one of the agencies contracted by KTH.

The photographer will then deliver the photographs directly in our image bank. If the photographer does not have an account, please contact the head administrator of the image bank.

Technical specifications for the photographer:

  • Metadata – what we want delivered as metadata is the date, location, name of building when applicable, campus, first and last names of any persons in the photograph and the name of the photographer.
  • File format – RAW or equivalent, delivered directly into the KTH archives outside of the image bank. PNG or equivalent to the image bank.
  • Size – Original and A4 measurements, 300 dpi.


Carefully consider what the images will be used for. We recommend that you purchase the rights to all images so that they can be used online and in print by others at KTH as well. There is often a time limit on the rights to the images so be careful to state the end date for use of the image when you add it to the image bank.

As the purchaser of an image, you are responsible for its use; be careful to provide the correct rights in the image bank. Also instruct anyone wanting to use the image to download it from the image bank.

Always state the name of the photographer when using their work.