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Digital accessibility - requirements and opportunities

Digital accessibility means that everybody - regardless of disabilities - can use our digital services and websites. The need for accessibility has always been there, but the legal requirements are new.

You need to know this

Everybody working in a public sector body needs to know what digital accessibility is all about. This page will introduce the topic for all who create digital content at KTH. It covers:

  • New legal requirements that affect KTH
  • Other reasons to prioritize accessibility
  • Learn the basics in 15 minutes (video)
  • Read more about how to create accessible content

New legal requirements that affect KTH

From September 23rd 2020 all public sector websites in Sweden must meet accessibility requirements set out by the law DOS-lagen: It must be

  • perceivable, regardless of, for example, vision impairment

  • operable, ie. possible to interact with

  • understandable and

  • robust, meaning it can be interpreted by by a wide variety of user agents, including assistive technologies.

In practice, this means we need to comply with a little more than 50 criteria in a standard called EN301549, which currently duplicates (and slightly extends) the more widely known Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 AA (WCAG) .

In addition, we need to maintain an accessibility statement for each website, and offer a point of contact for users who experience barriers. We must be ready to help these users so they can get the digital service they need.

Other reasons to prioritize accessibility

Except for the above mentioned "DOS-lagen", our digital services are governed by several other laws, some of which relate to accessibility. But regulation is not by any means the only reason we should work with accessibility. There are many more, including:

  • Accessibility is necessary for some people, in order for them to be able to get an education, for example.

  • Accessibility contributes to better usability and thus a better experience for all.

  • Accessibility increases the effect of our digital endeavours, and help us reach more people.

Learn the basics in 15 minutes (video)

This video lecture walks you through legal requirements, provides more motivation and gives you some practical advice - in only 15 minutes.

Read more about how to create accessible content

On this intranet you can find our templates and internal guidelines. For content owners we suggest you begin with these pages:

More advice can be found on Create content .

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