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Managing departments

Departments are created in the same way as articles, which means that they are created and published within a department. The department where the new department is published becomes the new department’s home, or parent department.

You create a department by performing the following steps in the work frame.

  1. Go to the department you want to add a sub-department
  2. Choose the department type from the drop-down list and then click the "Create" button
  3. The template form for the selected department type is displayed in the work frame
  4. Specify the required information in the form
  5. Click "Save & Insert" to save the article and continue with the publishing operation: Use the radio buttons in the next view to choose the position in the department content list where you would like to place the article. After that publish by clicking the "Insert" button. You return to the department where your new article will be listed.

The procedure for editing and publishing in another department is the same for department as for articles. To unpublish a department simple remove it from the content list. If articles and departments within an unpublished department also appear in other content lists they will still show on those locations.