Contacts and important information regarding recruitment advertising

All recruitment advertising must pass through the department of personnel at the university administration. KTH uses a digital recruitment system where all steps of the recruitment process are handled, from initiation to interviews and hiring decision.

Recruitment advertising rules

Teacher ads refer to ads for recruiting assistant professors, associate professors and professors, and must be published for a minimum of three weeks, while all other ads must be published for a minimum of ten days.

Using KTH's intranet to publish recruitment ads is only allowed for ads regarding technical/administrative/service staff, researchers, research engineers and postdoctors after consideration between the recruiting manager and KTH's director of personnel. If a recruitment permission (rekryteringstillstånd) is necessary, publishing on the intranet must be stated there. Ads are published here:

Recruitment ads only published on KTH's intranet

To be sure ads are published and extended in time, all requests must be made via the recruitment system three working days in advance as a minimum. For example: Extending an application period that is due Monday 30, the request to extend must be sent on Wednesday 25 at the latest. If the last day of application is on a Friday the request for extension should be sent on previous Monday and so forth. All requests are handled in the order they are made.

Contact information

For questions about the recruitment system you should primarily turn to the . For questions regarding recruitment of teachers, please contact the central officer at the department of personnel . For questions regarding recruitment advertising, please contact:

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