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The entire recruitment process, step by step

These pages set out the entire recruitment process step by step. They serve as guidance that facilitates and helps streamline and ensure the quality of the recruitment process for: Technical, administrative and service staff; researchers; research engineers; postdoctors; teaching assistants; and, temporary (intermittent) appointments.

KTH’s staff members are our greatest asset in achieving the goal of being an internationally successful, technical higher education institution. Thus, it is important that recruitment is: strategic; structured in accordance with KTH’s procedures and templates; and, planned as far-sightedly as possible.

Work processes in recruitment

From a recruitment need arising up until a new employee is appointed and is to be inducted, KTH’s recruitment process is divided into six steps. This process document sets out recruitment’s various steps and provides practical guidance. The recruitment process is to be preceded by strategic planning of KTH’s quantitative and qualitative HR needs. Said planning is to be carried out by the recruiting manager in collaboration with your school’s HR.

HR planning-appointment profile-search process-selection-decision-induction


The recruitment process needs to take its time. However, it should not be unnecessarily protracted. By scheduling and setting aside time for all the elements in advance, the process can be time efficient and minimise the risk of losing candidates who get other jobs along the way.

From the decision to recruit to the signing of a contract of employment, a standard recruitment takes around 2 to 4 months. Any notice period from the previous employment may have to be added to this.

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