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A well-planned induction in which the new employee feels welcome is important for both the appointee and KTH. The new employee is to gain a good impression of KTH as an employer. This will be reflected in both performance and commitment

Induction in several steps

  • At the workplace, the new employee is to receive a detailed introduction to his/her duties and the school’s/department’s neighbouring operations.
  • Centrally, KTH offers an operations-wide day bringing together all new employees so that they can create new contacts, networks and meeting points with KTH’s management.
  • Information for new staff on KTH’s intranet.

For the workplace induction, the immediate manager appoints an inductor. In consultation with the manager, the inductor is to plan the induction and is responsible for carrying it out. The new employee is entitled to information about how his/her work is to be performed and about the workplace and work environment in general. The induction should answer questions such as the following. Who has what responsibility? Who is to be contacted in certain situations? What rights and obligations are there?

Follow-up review

Throughout the first 4 months, or for as long as necessary, there should be follow-up reviews. These are to be planned and prepared. Looking both backwards and forwards, they should serve to cross-check progress. See the Recruitment follow-up reviews form ,only available in Swedish