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HR planning

The recruitment process is to be preceded by strategic planning of KTH’s quantitative and qualitative HR needs. Incorrect recruitments can entail major costs and may have negative financial and social consequences at a personal level. HR planning and budgeting are two important processes that take place in close two-way dialogue.

Operations overview

An operations overview takes in: all staff members (those who are on external loan, on leave of absence, long-term sick, etc. included therein); and, a mapping out of short-term and long-term staffing needs. It must clearly show where there are recruitment needs and how they are to be met.

The recruiting manager reviews needs

  • Why did this need arise? Parental leave, retirement, increased needs, etc?
  • Should work duties be re-assigned, changed, phased-out, remain unchanged, etc? Should operations be re-organised or can continuing professional development of existing staff cover the need?
  • What are a team’s strengths and weaknesses? What is needed to supplement other work teams/operations?
  • What is the financial situation as regards the appointment?
  • Is the need firmly established with the head of division/equivalent.

If there is a recruitment need, the recruiting manager must review

  • Increasing the hours of part-time workers.

Under § 25a of Sweden’s Employment Protection Act (LAS), if part-time employees have indicated that they would like to work more hours, you are obliged to review whether some of the duties can be switched over to achieve this.

  • Right of first refusal for former employees.

Employees who have been made redundant and employees who have been appointed under limited-period contracts and will not be offered extensions must be given the opportunity to show interest in further employment by notifying that they would like the right of first refusal. This is provided that the employee has been employed for a total of more than twelve months in the preceding three years (§ 25 LAS).

Plan recruitment

When you have decided that you need to recruit, you must: consider who should assist in the recruitment work; decide who is to be in charge of the recruitment; and, draw up a schedule and set aside time for the various steps in the process.

KTH has agreements with external suppliers who can carry out all or parts of the recruitment process. For further details, see the links in the column on the right.

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