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Actor and System Level Analysis on Potentially Disruptive Wastewater Heat Recovery and Water Technologies in Buildings

Presentation of the results of a master thesis project with case studies of heat and water recovery in Stockholm.

Time: Thu 2020-08-13 14.00 - 16.00

Location: Zoom

Participating: Walter Deltin


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KTH SEQWENS project  explores how energy efficiency in buildings contributes to global and national goals for environment and climate and can increase energy security. In particular, recovery of heat from wastewater is one promising technology to increase energy efficiency, but may become disruptive for the citywide systems for water and heat.

In connection to SEQWENS, the result of a master thesis project with case studies of heat and water recovery in Stockholm is presented.

For this case, key actors driving the innovation process are mapped. Furthermore, the strategies of these actors concerning the use of the technology are explored to understand how each actor in a socio-technical system describes the innovation process and what they see as the main opportunities and challenges for heat and water recovery.

The project have been carried out with participation from a range of private and municipal actors in water, energy and real estate.

Master Student: Walter Deltin

Supervisors: Dr Timos Karpouzoglou & Dr Jörgen Wallin

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Last changed: Aug 12, 2020