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Meet with Vinnova - Sweden's innovation agency

Vinnova is Sweden's government agency for innovation and the national contact authority for the EU framework programme for Research and Innovation. Take this opportunity to meet and discuss with a research officer from Vinnova on 11 September.

Time: Wed 2019-09-11 10.00 - 12.00

Location: E3, Osquars backe 14, (plan 5)

Participating: Mårten Berg (Vinnova). Viktoria Halltell, Tom Magnergård and James Gross (KTH)

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10:00 Viktoria Halltell (Research Support Office) - What can KTH do for you in terms of support for research funding?

10:10 Tom Magnergård (KTH Innovation) - A short presentation about the support KTH Innovation offers when it comes to market testing, realization and utilization of a technical idea or research result and to bring it further to the market.

10:20 Mårten Berg (Vinnova) - Information on Sweden's government agency for innovation with focus on calls relevant to KTH researchers. Mårten will also give a brief description of the work in the review panels.

11:00 James Gross (School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) - How to write a successful application - The TECoSA Story.

11:30 Time for questions and answers.

12:00 End of seminar.

Please sign up for the seminar to: Viktoria Halltell