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KTH Space Rendezvous

Time: Fri 2019-03-22 13.00 - 18.00

Location: Lecture hall E1, Lindstedtsvägen 3, floor 2.

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Join us for another exciting KTH Space Rendezvous on Friday March 22. This time the theme is “New Space and Small Satellites”. The contributions comes from several Swedish satellite manufacturers and Stefan Gustafsson from SSC on “Introduction to New Space Economy”, but we will also cover some science. As usual we will have an intense panel debate and end with a Space Pub at Tolvan (Osquars Backe 12) for mingle and informal talks.

It is free to participate in the Space Rendezvous, and the event is open to everyone. Please help us by register in the form below if you want to attend, this helps us with the logistics!

The Program
Subject Speaker Time
Welcome & Introduction Christer Fuglesang, Director KTH Space Center 13:00
Introduction to New Space Economy Stefan Gustafsson, SSC 13:15
OHB's Small Satellite strategy Robin Lilja, OHB 13:40
GomSpace perspective on Cubesats - From University Projects to Commercial Space Tor-Arne Grönland, GomSpace 14:05
ÅAC Clyde in New Space Mattias Örth, AAC Clyde 14:30
Fika/coffee break - 14:55
AESIR Student rocket launch Tomass Wilson och Filipp Byström, KTH 15:20
Independent space qualification service – a new business Emil Vinterhav, PASQ 15:30
Studying gamma-ray bursts with CubeSat constellations Mark Pearce & Felix Ryde, KTH 15:50
Panel debate: What's the future for small satellites? Stefan, Robin, Tor-Arne, Mattias & Emil. Moderator: Christer Fuglesang 16:10
Best Space Master Thesis 2018: Compact 3D Microscopy for Planetary Exploration Gustav Pettersson 17:00
Best Space Bachelor Thesis 2018: Electrostatic ion thrusters for space debris removal Gustav Hedengren & Oscar Larsson 17:10
Wrap-up Christer Fuglesang 17:20

Want to download the program? Click here

Space Rendezvous Spring 2019 - Program (pdf 73 kB)