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Maths, AI and Neuroscience (MAIN) meeting

In this MAIN workshop we bring together mathematicians, neuroscientists and AI experts to discuss advanced topics related to learning and brain science. We will have talks on mathematical tools, like Topology and others, to understand high dimensional data, explainable AI, how AI can help neuroscience and to what extent the brain may be using algorithms similar to the ones used in modern machine learning. Finally we will wrap up with a discussion on some aspects of neural hardware that may not have been considered in machine learning so far.

Time: Wed 2021-12-01 09.30 - Fri 2021-12-03 18.00

Location: Hybrid

Language: English

Participating: Several

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To understand brain function and develop artificial general intelligence it has become abundantly clear that there should be a close interaction among Neuroscience, machine learning and mathematics. There is a general hope that understanding the brain function will provide us with more powerful machine learning algorithms.

On the other hand advances in machine learning are now providing the much needed tools to not only analyse brain activity data but also to design better experiments to expose brain function. Both neuroscience and machine learning explicitly or implicitly deal with high dimensional data and systems. Mathematics can provide powerful new tools to understand and quantify the dynamics of biological and artificial systems as they generate behavior that may be perceived as intelligent.

We expect that the audience will be mixed, therefore, the meeting will start with a general introduction to Neuroscience and AI to bring the audience to speed.

The MAIN meeting will be organized in a hybrid mode. There are a limited number of seats available to attend the meeting in person at the Digital Future space (Osquars Backe 5, floor 2. SE-100 44 Stockholm, Sweden).

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