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Mini seminar - Self-organizing safety-critical avionics systems

Prof. Björn Annighöfer from the University of Stuttgart will give a seminar about self-organizing sa

Time: Fri 2023-03-03 12.00 - 13.00

Location: Hugin, Teknikringen 8

Video link:

Avionics is short for "aviation electronics". Today's aerospace vehicles rely on hundreds of computers and functions are majorly realized in software. Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) systems are state-of-the-art in civil aviation. IMA systems provide shared computing and interface resources for many system functions on board of the aircraft, e.g. flight control. Many of the functions are safety-critical, which means a malfunction or unavailability causes fatalities. IMA systems have been shown to be reliable and resource saving. However, their planning, integration and qualification is a major challenge today. A self-organizing avionics system overcomes shortcomings by establishing, maintaining and proving a safe state of operation on its own, i.e. system components are detected automatically; the necessary degree of redundancy and fault detection is instantiated; and functions and signals are allocated to the available resources optimally. Moreover, self-organization can be leveraged to increase safety and decrease necessary computing resources. The talk will outline the major challenges of self-organizing safety-critical avionics, i.e. certification, topology discovery, knowledge management and self-qualification. For each challenge, the talk will elaborate the state-of-the art and show research contributions of the speaker. Finally, a lab test rig for a plug&fly avionics system is shown in its current state and future work is outlined.

The seminar will be also be broadcast on zoom.

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