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Norma network meeting - Between academia and activism - from “core values” to “woke”?

Time: Wed 2023-02-22 13.00 - 15.00

Location: KTH Climate Action Centre, Teknikringen 43

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Welcome to the next meeting of the Norma network at KTH, on the theme of:
Between academia and activism - from “core values” to “woke”?
Exploring the norms, limits and opportunities of engaging on a private, professional and/or political level as researcher and teacher.

When working with (norm-)critical perspectives and examining power structures in society, many experience being accused of being “too political”. Particularly when working with normative assumptions such as aiming to contribute to sustainability transformations, the role of the researcher (and teacher) is often brought into question. Who and what norms uphold the divisions between our private, professional and/or political roles and responsibilities? Where does the line between academia and activism lie (and what are the “steps” in between)? What role should KTH and academia have? What other positions than the institutional “core values” (värdegrund) or the individual “woke” researcher can we explore? Join a conversation with invited guests Elisabeth Ekener (KTH), Staffan Laestadius (KTH) and Rikard Warlenius (Gothenburg University), where we will together reflect upon these topics.

Send an email to  if you wish to join.

What is Norma?

Norma is a newly started network at KTH, gathering researchers and others engaged in norm-critical perspectives on sustainability and energy-related research. Through critical research, our mission is to make visible the power structures that create lock-in effects and reproduce unsustainable practices in everyday life, technology and society. We aim to contribute with new narratives and representations towards just transformations.

We have received initial support from the KTH Energy Platform, promoting energy research collaborations across KTH schools.

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