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Norma network meeting: Critical research in practice – tools for change?

Time: Mon 2023-11-27 13.00 - 15.00

Location: KTH Digital Futures, Osquars Backe 5

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How can we engage in critical research and what does that mean in practice? We will dive deeper into the nitty gritty of methods, research questions and approaches to disseminating critical research in order to more profoundly contribute to change. While “staying with the trouble” can be an essential starting point, how do we work with criticality as an arena to push the agenda further, opening new paths of inquiry and engaging different actors? With basis in several successful norm-critical design research projects, Karin Ehrnberger and Loove Broms (SEED) will share some key insights. We will also be joined by Nickhil Sharma from University of East Anglia, who uses the lense of intersectionality in researching the social justice implications of transitions to a digital energy system in Europe. Welcome to join the conversation! And please spread to colleagues who might be interested.

What is Norma?

Norma is a network at KTH, gathering researchers and others engaged in norm-critical perspectives on sustainability and energy-related research. Through critical research, our mission is to make visible the power structures that create lock-in effects and reproduce unsustainable practices in everyday life, technology and society. We aim to contribute with new narratives and representations towards just transformations.

We received initial support from the KTH Energy Platform, promoting energy research collaborations across KTH schools.

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Norma – network for normcritical sustainability research


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