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On two-dimensional conformal geometry related to the Schramm-Loewner evolution

Time: Fri 2019-12-06 09.00

Location: F3, Lindstedtsvägen 26, Stockholm (English)

Subject area: Mathematics

Doctoral student: Lukas Schoug , Matematik (Avd.)

Opponent: Professor Nathanaël Berestycki, University of Vienna, Wien, Österrike

Supervisor: Docent Fredrik Viklund, Matematik (Avd.)

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This thesis contains three papers, one introductory chapter and one chapter with overviews of the papers and some additional results. The topic of this thesis is the geometry of models related to the Schramm-Loewner evolution.

In Paper I, we derive a multifractal boundary spectrum for SLEκ(ρ) processes with κ<4 and ρ chosen so that the curves hit the boundary. That is, we study the sets of points where the curves hit the boundary with a prescribed ``angle'', and compute the Hausdorff dimension of those sets. We study the moments of the spatial derivatives of the conformal maps gt, use Girsanov's theorem to change to an appropriate measure, and use the imaginary geometry coupling to derive a correlation estimate.

In Paper II, we study the two-valued sets of the Gaussian free field, that is, the local sets such the associated harmonic function only takes two values. It turns out that the real part of the imaginary chaos is large close to these sets. We use this to derive a correlation estimate which lets us compute the Hausdorff dimensions of the two-valued sets.

Paper III is dedicated to studying quasislits, that is, images of the segment [0,i] under quasiconformal maps of the upper half-plane into itself, fixing ∞, generated by driving the Loewner equation with a Lip-1/2 function. We improve estimates on the cones containing the curves, and hence on the Hölder regularity of the curves, in terms of the Lip-1/2 seminorm of the driving function.